Mudu Means
to Make “IT” Happen!

For almost three decades, Mudu MultiMedia Enterprises’, a Brooklyn, NY based Corporation. has procured diverse talent (from uncovered artists to celebrity personalities) for TV, Film, Live Events, Colleges, Corporate Events and Private Parties for a range of projects. Mudu MultiMedia Enterprises (MME) has also been a resource for research immersions, grass roots marketing and digital activation for community organizations, blue chip corporations and boutique start-ups.

mudu [mu-du]:
verb in Swahili

to be able to do something; to manage or handle something

Experienced in establishing entertainment & branding.

It’s literally in our name.

Utilizing relevant and innovative research methodologies, digital activation, grassroots marketing, Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), interactive promotions, advertising, event execution and creative reverberation — our mission is to leave consumers delightfully wondering ‘How did they know that I like this?’

About Mudu Multimedia

Mudu MultiMedia Enterprises M.O.

  • Uncover and stay true to meaningful consumer insights
  • Develop advertising & interactive marketing strategies we call ‘Ad-Actives’
  • Construct dynamic digital, out-of-home and broadcast advertising
  • Explore and attach to current and future passions of the target
  • Activate brand messages in the increasingly powerful social networking space
  • Maintain STICKINESS once credibility is established

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