Mudu MultiMedia Enterprises
Utilizing relevant and innovative research methodologies, digital
activation, grassroots marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship
Marketing), interactive promotions, advertising, event execution
and creative reverberation -- our mission is to leave consumers
delightfully wondering ‘How did they know I like this?’
At Mudu MultiMedia We:
• Uncover and stay true to meaningful consumer
• Develop Advertising and Interactive Marketing
strategies we call ‘Ad-Actives’
• Construct dynamic digital, out-of-home and
broadcast advertising
• Explore and attach to current and future
passions of the target
• Activate brand messages in the increasingly
powerful social networking space
• Maintain STICKINESS once credibility is
Mudu MultiMedia History:
Mr. Mudu was a principal at a youth focused boutique
agency founded in 1998 by a team of Urban marketing pioneers. 
This team was renowned for the highly successful urban youth
inspired campaign that took number 7 brand, Sprite, to number 4
among carbonated soft drinks at that time. 
As Vice President of Research and Planning, Mr. Mudu organized
and moderated research projects and contributed creative
concepts for clients McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, ONDCP, Levi Strauss
& Company and and helped secure the agency’s first
client- Lugz Boots and Jeans.
Alliances and Resources:
Operation Hope - a non-profit, public benefit organization. OHI
is an effective facilitator, lender, advocate and educator of
financial literacy
Collegiate Campus Activities Conference Providers
Latin Arts Community - world renowned NuYorican Poet’s Caf,
El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice to Tony Award
Winning Latino celebrities
Emerging Urban Alternative Music - Several
underground industry shakers
Urban Comedy Industry - Artists and promoters
of Def Comedy, Bad Boys of Comedy and Dave
Chappelle Show caliber talent
Hip Hop Theater Festival
African American & Latino Literary Agencies
Latino & African American Comic Book Awareness
Legendary & Progressive Hip Hop Talent from late night show
‘House Bands,’ to icons of Hip Hop to underground influencers
Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Outlets
The Caribbean Cultural Center